Sunday Playlist: Music I Can’t Stop Listening To

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Though I have a ton of exciting content ideas for these Sunday Funday posts, today I decided to keep it simple with a playlist full of music I kept on repeat this week. For the most part, my friends and family don’t know this side of me. I’m oddly private with my music tastes. Sure, I’ll openly admit to loving Taylor Swift or any other mainstream guilty-pleasure tunes. Throughout high school and college, I was best known for my K-Pop craze. (Thankfully, that embarrassing era ended four years ago.) But when it comes to the songs, bands, and artists I listen to (the “real” music, if you will), I never share. I guess I’m fearful of judgment, which I know is dumb. Today, I’ll share some favorites with you. It might not be your cup of tea, but, hey, that’s music for you!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Just Like Honey – The Jesus and Mary Chain

Mirror’s Image – The Horrors

Jeepster – T. Rex

The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala

Keep Running (Skinny Dip Remix) – Tae Shi

I’ll Be Around – The Growlers

City Of Sin – Linus Young

Soma – The Strokes

Certainty – Temples

Go To Hell – Empress Of

Waiting Around For Grace – Pond

April Skies – The Jesus and Mary Chain

Dead and Gone – TOY

Heroin – The Velvet Underground

Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin

I even created a Spotify playlist with all these songs. Have a nosey if you’d like.

* Update * The playlist was supposed to be embedded but every time I try it reverts to a link. Not sure why but I can’t figure out how to do it the right way! I did everything Spotify said on its help page!

Let me know if you like these more personal blog posts! If they aren’t interesting to you, then I’ll stop doing them. I don’t want these posts to be too off topic!


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