Mini Glossier Haul & Review

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Calling this a haul is a bit misleading. Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 24th birthday but last week I received an unexpected Glossier box on my doorstep. I literally tripped over it when stepping out the front door to grab the mail! Turns out my sister-in-law and brother kindly gifted me a couple Glossier goodies as a belated birthday present. I was thrilled to find two products inside that I’d been eyeing up for weeks: the Glossier You solid perfume and the Glossier Boy Brow in Brown! Since I’ve been using both of these for about a week now, I thought it was time for a little review!


In my first Glossier haul, I received a sample of the Glossier You perfume. Initially, I wasn’t wild about it. The scent reminded me of a fragrance an older, mature lady would wear, not a young twenty-something. As time went on I gradually changed my tune. The scent lingers beautifully throughout the day. I even found myself drawn to my lightly worn clothes that still carried a hint of the musky scent days later. I’m no good at describing fragrances, and I won’t attempt to here. Intriguing is how I would describe it. Unusual. Unique. Warm. It grows on you! I didn’t feel like taking the plunge with the expensive full-size bottle. I was hoping Glossier would release a smaller size. Lo and behold they did! While I’d have preferred a rollerball, I’m still happy that I have a Glossier You solid perfume because my spray sample is almost out.

I’ll start out with the positives! I’m in love with the stunning, minimalist pale pink packaging. It looks like a pink pebble! I was most surprised by how heavy this was. Since it’s weighty, it feels expensive. You swivel the lid to reach the waxy product. A magnetic closure snaps the rotating lid back in place. So much fun to use! On the inside, there’s a tiny stamped Glossier “G”. The rotating pebble-like packaging is very similar to another beauty brand’s, lilah b. Dare I say too similar? The perfume is also accompanied by a small pink drawstring bag to store your Glossier You pink pebble. Now, turning my attention towards the actual fragrance. The scent is much lighter than the spray. That might be perfect for someone who doesn’t like overwhelming fragrances. It gives off a more worn in feeling from the get-go.

Unfortunately, I had a couple of issues with this. Firstly, the heavy packaging means that it’s annoying to carry around with you, defeating the entire purpose of having a smaller sized perfume. Secondly, the scent doesn’t linger for hours or even days like the spray does. It wears off rather quickly within about two hours. You’d have to keep applying this throughout the day, but I wouldn’t even bother carrying this around because it’s too heavy. However, maybe some of you prefer to have subtler scents? I know my mom prefers this to the spray because of how subtle the scent is.

If you prefer scents that aren’t in your face then maybe the solid would be a good option, but I want my perfumes to last all day so for me, the Glossier You Solid is a pass.


As you might know, I do have another Boy Brow in my collection, but the one I have is in the clear formula. For a review of the clear, check out my Glossier haul post! This review won’t be that different from the last. The tinted version wowed me like the clear did. I adore this! My look brows fuller, defined and tamed. The product doesn’t flake or feel crusty. I hardly ever bother to pluck or shape my sparse brows so I desperately need brow gels, pencils or powder to make them look presentable. What sets this brow gel apart from others I’ve used in the past is how easy it is to use. I don’t have to scrape off lots of excess product like I do with the Soap & Glory Archery gel. The small bristled wand always has the perfect amount of waxy pomade. I can brush the small wand through my brows without hesitation.

Have you tried out the Glossier You solid perfume? What did you think of it? Leave me a comment below! I see a lot of beauty bloggers on Instagram fawn over it. Certainly, the packaging is hard to say no to! Absolutely stunning! I don’t think I’ll ever give this away.



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