Target Haul: First Impressions

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might recognize these photos. Perhaps I should have reshot these products, but since these pictures haven’t been posted on the blog I thought it’d be OK to reuse them. I posted these on my feed a few weeks ago immediately after I went on a little Target shopping spree. At the time, it was just a haul. Now, after using the products semi-regularly, I’m ready to share my first impressions with you all!

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Missha Super Aqua Snail Hydro-Gel Sheet Mask

I’m not as into sheet masks as I was a few years ago. During my study abroad semester in Korea, I used sheet masks every other night. Of course, almost all of them were free samples from the beauty stores I frequented. In Korea, beauty shops give out tons of free samples to customers. You don’t even have to spend much! Since then, my interest waned mostly because I then had to buy my own sheet masks. The worst! Target now carries a small K-Beauty selection so I figured I might as well test out a sheet mask for old times sake. I chose the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydro-Gel Mask, which is supposed to help with hydration, elasticity and dull skin. Their Super Aqua Snail range is supposed to be fabulous so I expected this sheet mask to wow.

This was surprisingly luxurious! The sheet mask itself is thick sort of like a thin sheet of gelatin, which means it isn’t as likely to rip like one those cheap thin paper sheet masks. The mask comes in two parts: one for top part of the face (forehead, nose, tops of cheeks) and one for the bottom half (chin, bottom of cheeks). My face felt OK after. I wouldn’t say that this was anything to write home about. I didn’t like how fast it dried up! There wasn’t enough essence to keep the mask moist. When I took it off after twenty minutes, it had dried up so much that there wasn’t much essence left to massage into my face. I also prefer to reuse my sheet masks once more to get my money’s worth but I couldn’t with this. Not sure if I’d repurchase again…

Sailor by Captain Blankenship Smooth Sailing Gentle Resurfacing Mask

Target recently launched a new natural skincare line in partnership with the well-known organic beauty brand Captain Blankenship. I had never heard of the brand before but the nautical-themed blue packaging drew me in. After several minutes of debating, I picked out the Smooth Sailing Gentle Resurfacing Mask, which is supposed to gently clarify using all-natural acids. Though the label doesn’t state it, I assume this is similar to an all-natural peel.

After a couple of uses, I don’t understand what this actually does. It’s a nice, gentle creamy blue-tinged mask that leaves my skin feeling a bit softer. However, the rough texture I sometimes have down my T zone didn’t budge. If this is supposed to resurface like the label says, this should get rid of that texture. There’s also no tingling sensation like the other peels I’ve tried so I don’t think this works! I also HATE the overwhelming citrus fragrance. It’s not even a nice citrus scent!

I won’t divulge all my thoughts on this because I’m planning on doing a Sailor by CB brand focus next week!

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask

Any face mask that claims to improve blemish prone skin peaks my interest. I struggle with hormonal cystic acne, blackheads along my T zone, and your average small pimple here and there. My skin is also prone to sensitivity and dryness during the winter months, meaning many intensive clay masks are too harsh on my skin. It’s hard to find a face mask that’ll cater my complicated skin. Little did I know that I’d find the perfect product!

I’d been eyeing this SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask for months. SheaMoisture is predominantly known for their stellar haircare range, but I hadn’t heard much about their skincare products. I’m very into this mask! I did not expect it to be so gentle and soothing! For a mud mask geared towards acne prone skin, that’s rare! My skin is much softer. It even feels a bit hydrated?! That might be the shea butter ingredient working its magic. I can’t say much about reducing my blackheads. That might take time. However, I will say that this seems to improve my pimples and leave my skin feeling clean and bright.

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Fig + Yarrow Rose and Rhassoul Clay Mask

Clay masks are a staple in my collection. I love a good face mask on a weekend night. The perfect skin treat when you want to pamper yourself! Fig + Yarrow is a fairly new brand to me. I’ve seen their products around for years, but have only just gotten around to trying them out. In my last Target haul, I picked out their Rosehip + Argan Oil Serum, which I do enjoy so I figured I might as well try another product from their range. In the end, I chose their Rose Rhassoul Clay Mask. The powder formula was intriguing. I’ve never used a face mask that you have to make yourself. The label recommends mixing the powder with yogurt, honey or aloe. Though it doesn’t mention it, I believe you can also mix it with water. I mix mine with a mixture of honey and yogurt, both perfect for hydration and sensitive skin. This mask is suited for mature, dry and sensitive skin. Rose and rhassoul clay are two ingredients that help calm and soothe skin. Fig + Yarrow also claims that this mask provides a gentle cleanse while also boosting collagen production.

So far I’m loving this clay mask! My skin feels baby soft after each use. I adore how gentle it is! Though my skin is not particularly sensitive, it is prone to irritation when faced with intensive clay masks. I had no issues with irritation. In fact, my skin feels soothed as the clay mask dries down.

Just FYI, this version is still available on Target’s website, but it looks like the brand has recently revamped their clay mask range, which has me concerned over how old this jar is. Sometimes I sense that Target doesn’t always do a great job at turning over older products… Since this mask is in a powder form, I don’t think expiration dates are something to obsess over. If you’re looking to purchase this particular mask, I believe Fig + Yarrow changed the name to Clay Mask {Rose}.

Sailor by Captain Blankenship Deep Blue Face Moisturizer

I didn’t just choose the Gentle Resurfacing Mask from the Sailor by CB range, I also got their Deep Blue Face Moisturizer. This has the funkiest smell that, honestly, makes me gag. I never reach for it because of the awful scent! I’m assuming it’s the bergamot? Otherwise, this moisturizer is OK. It’s more of a lightweight one that’s ideal for daytime usage. It hydrates well enough. This isn’t anything special. You’d be better off just using other drugstore daily moisturizers from Cetaphil, Eucerin or CeraVe. Unless you are hardcore about only using natural or cruelty-free beauty products, I’d avoid this. For how expensive this is (around $20), this is a disappointment.

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Missha First Treatment Essence Intensive

When I posted these photos on Instagram a few weeks ago when I first bought these products, I received a lot of questions about the Missha Time Revolution Essence in Intensive. Of course, I hadn’t tried it at the time so I couldn’t help answer the questions. When you research the best of K-Beauty skincare, this Missha essence is always on the top of everyone’s must-try list. The hype is real, folks! Even I’ve known about it for years and years. Everyone talks about how this is a perfect dupe for the insanely expensive SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I even bought this Missha essence for my Mom, a lifetime SK-II fan, when I was in Korea. I felt that it was finally the time to take the plunge and try it for myself to see what the hype was about.

I’m still in the early stages so I haven’t made up my mind. I was confused about when to use this in my skincare regime. Is this like a toner? Or should it be used after toner like most essences I’ve tried? The instructions said to use after cleansing, which is when you use toner, but their website says to use after toner. Every article I’ve read on essence says to use it after toner so that’s how I’m using it now. So far, I’m enjoying using it. I haven’t seen any dramatic changes in my skin’s health or appearance, but I think I just need to use this more frequently to see the results I’m looking for.

Side note: Again, it looks like Missha relaunched and reformulated the essence! Now it’s called Intensive Moist and contains 90% yeast instead of 80%. I’m seriously concerned that Target’s products are expired and old! I read online that Missha launched the new formula in 2016 so that means that the bottle I have could be up to two years old! I think I need to stop buying from Target’s beauty section… I think the products I do buy that aren’t from the major, fast-selling brands are expired, which might mean that they’re non-effective. Have any of you noticed this? Or am I overreacting?

And that’s a wrap! I hope you liked this little first impression post! I’ll be sure to update you all on my final thoughts for some of these products in the coming weeks.

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