The Glossier Lidstar Review

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I’m back with a beauty review! Finally! It’s been a while… What better way to get back into the swing of things than with an in-depth review of the much-hyped Glossier Lidstars? When Glossier hinted that they were launching eyeshadows earlier this year I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with. Glossier products are very hit or miss for me but each time they launch a new one I, much like the rest of the beauty community, get overly excited. Their marketing sucks me in every time!

The Lidstar cream eyeshadows officially launched the morning after the Oscars. Several celebrities even sported them on the red carpet the previous night. Immediately the Glossier reps went into action mode posting reviews fawning over how amazing these cream eyeshadows were. I held off purchasing them because I knew I’d make a trip to New York this month and would swing by the Glossier Showroom. Sure enough, when I got to the Showroom I made a beeline for the Lidstars eager to swatch them on the back of my hands. What struck me most initially was the gorgeous packaging! Each eyeshadow comes in a thin plastic test tube with a screw top that has a long doe foot applicator. I love that you can see each shade through the tube. These look beautiful in the sunlight. Glossier packaging is always picture perfect! Though I would have loved to have bought the whole range, I knew there were some that wouldn’t suit me or I wouldn’t wear. In the end, after much debate, I settled for Moon, Cub, and Fawn.


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Lidstar in Moon



Right off the bat, my biggest disappointment with this launch is the lack of interesting and wearable shades. Of the six shades, four were pinks and purples – Cub, Fawn, Lily, and Slip. Most of those are very light shades, too. Who needs four pink and purple shades?! Moon, a sheer pearl, is another light shade. The only darker shade is Herb, a bronzey green. I’m confused why Glossier didn’t bother releasing a bronze or gold. Maybe in the future, Glossier will expand the shade range! Right now every shade looks about the same.

In addition, as Glossier advertises on their website, these eyeshadows are sheer. Very sheer. So sheer that the colors barely show up! Don’t let the swatches on the Glossier website fool you! You need about three layers of this cream eyeshadow to get any color pay off. Annoying much? The glitter is subtle too. I guess they’re good if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing much eyeshadow… Below I’ll break down the shades I have!

Moon: This has got to be the sheerest wash of subtle shimmer I’ve ever seen. As I joked with an Instagram follower the other day, Moon is the biggest scam! It’s utterly worthless. Glossier made this shade look beautiful in their pictures. It seemed like the perfect barely there light golden shimmer when you wanted a “no makeup” makeup day. When swatched this did look exactly like that. However, when applied the golden shimmer dissolves into nothing. In fact, it just becomes a patchy mess of chunky silver glitter. No gold here! I can only use this as an inner corner highlight. A waste of $18!

Fawn: This was the shade I was most excited for. It seemed like a perfect dupe for my beloved L’Oréal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe. (It’s not.) In reality, it’s a muted, dull purple that has quite a bit of grey. On my pale complexion, this makes me look sick. The shimmer doesn’t show up either. This has a decent color pay off at least! I honestly thought this would be the one I wore the most but I never reach for it.

Cub: A last-minute purchase that became a favorite of mine! Initially, I planned on picking up Herb but when I swatched Cub in the Showroom I fell in love with the gorgeous rose gold shade. I hardly ever wear pinky shades like this but for some reason this suits me! This shade brightens up my complexion and pairs perfectly with my intense blue eyes. I wore this religiously in New York, neglecting the two eyeshadow palettes I brought with me.


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Lidstar in Fawn



The Lidstars are a very watery cream eyeshadow, which means that when you apply it with your fingertips (the only application method that works for these) the eyeshadow sort of slips and moves around. I find it extremely difficult to get an even application. Each shade goes on patchy. The watery eyeshadow clings to my fingertips instead of my eyelids when I pat it on creating little bare patches. This causes issues with an even shimmer distribution too. More often than not, I end up with one eye looking extra shimmery and the other not at all. On top of that, it’s hard to build these up. As I mentioned before, these are extremely sheer so you need to add a layer or two to achieve any color pay off. It’s deceiving because when swatched on the back of your hand each shade looks incredible, but once you dab the Lidstars on your lids you wonder where in the world the pigment went. I always end up with some bare spots that have hardly any pigment and shimmer. The only way to avoid the blotchy mess is to wait for each layer to dry completely but I find this method tedious. Applying the Lidstars is a frustrating struggle!

No one speaks about this but the Lidstars do work well with regular powder eyeshadows. I never used my Lidstars on their own. When I wear them, I always apply dark brown eyeshadows from my Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Travel Palette in the crease, outer corner and along the lower lashline to create a smokey eye. The regular shadows blended out just fine. Zero issues with patchiness!


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Lidstar in Cub



These do not crease once they dry down! I’d say that this is the Glossier Lidstar’s biggest selling point. I put these eyeshadows through rigorous tests. In New York, I wore these all day which usually wound up being about 10 hours. Zero creases! And I never wore eyeshadow primer! On me, regular eyeshadow creases up within the hour without a generous layer of primer underneath. Not the Lidstars! On the same trip, I walked through a snowstorm for about an hour and my eyeshadow didn’t budge. The wet snow didn’t affect the Lidstars’ lasting power. I’ve had no issues with fading either. I never use an eyeshadow primer with these and never need to! Their staying power is insane!


If you can’t tell already, I’m not a massive fan of the Lidstars. Sure, Cub is a lovely shade that I’ll continue to wear on a regular basis, but I don’t see myself repurchasing these. Even if Glossier brought out a bronze, I still wouldn’t bother to pick it up just because I have major issues with the formula and I dislike how sheer these are. If you do want to try these out, I recommend purchasing the darker more pigmented shades like Herb, Fawn or Cub.

Have any of you tested the Glossier Lidstars out yet? Thoughts? As always, feel free to comment below!

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