An Updated Evening Skincare Routine

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Have I ever written about my evening skincare routine on here?! If I have, it’s clearly been forever so I think it’s time to chat about my nightly skincare ritual again. I know I feature my routines on the regular in my Instagram pictures but I haven’t shared them that much on here. There are loads of new products I’ve added to my budding collection over the past couple months meaning new reviews abound! I have to clarify before I jump in that this particular routine is an extensive one. I’m not always so intense about my skincare regimen but for the sake of the blog and because it’s the weekend I felt it might be appropriate to share my “treat yo self” routine. (To clarify, I wrote this on a Friday a while back!) Let’s go!

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The first and most important step of all: removing all the grime, pollution and makeup. I haven’t added many new products to my perhaps excessive 3-step cleansing routine. There are some new cleansing oils and balms I’ve been testing out over the past two months – DHC, Kiehl’s, Boscia and Clinique. Ok, that’s actually a lot of new products but my cleanser and micellar water choices remain mostly unchanged. I won’t dive into each and every new product today. I’ll reserve those for another blog post! Here’s what I’m grabbing tonight:

To remove my makeup, I chose the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I’m still testing this but I can already boldly state that this a favorite! I always thought cleansing balms weren’t right for me ever since I tried the Pixi Beauty Cleansing Balm last year. It was my first foray into the world of cleansing balms and, unfortunately, it was a dud. It didn’t melt into an oil as easily as I thought it would. However, I picked this Clinique one up in February eager to test another cleansing balm out. It’s such a dream to use! The oil dissolves into a gorgeous silky oil as soon as it makes contact with warm skin. Add water to the mix and the oil turns milky. Makeup removal is a breeze with this. It’s fragrance-free too! Highly recommend!

For my second cleanse I picked my Holy Grail micellar water, the Bioderma. It’s a cult-favorite product for a reason, folks! This removes all traces of lingering makeup and stubborn eye makeup in just a few swipes. This beats its supposed dupe, the Garnier, by miles. If you still somehow haven’t tried this, you need to ASAP! Everyone uses it and everyone loves it. You really can’t go wrong.

The last cleanse comes in the form of my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I always reserve the last cleanse for one of my “regular” (so to speak) cleansers. I find that a hydrating, gentle cleanser just helps get rid of the last little bits of grime and makeup. Excessive? Yes. Necessary? Also, yes. I swear by the triple cleanse! Do I need to discuss and pick apart my love for the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser for the millionth time? I don’t think so! You’ve already heard enough praises by now. The most divine jelly texture that instantly soothes and nourishes my dry skin. Ok, that’s it!

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Indulgent skincare routines demand a face mask or two! For me, that’s always a cleansing mask followed by a nourishing one. I have pesky blackheads that litter my T zone and the occasional breakout here and there. On my period, humongous incredibly painful cystic acne. A cleansing mask is necessary to help rid my skin of such annoyances. Right now I’m madly in love with my new Aesop Parsley Seed cleansing face mask. This seems to lessen and sometimes get rid of my acne breakouts. Am I sensing a new holy grail…? It’s likely but I need to use this on a weekly basis for another month before I’m comfortable making such a bold statement. As it dries, the mask makes little circles around your pores, which always makes me think it’s drawing out all those pesky blackheads. A note of warning: This mask might be too harsh on sensitive skin since it does sting as it dries down and has a heavy dose of fragrance. I haven’t had any issues though my skin tends to be a bit sensitive.

After a cleansing mask, I always follow up with a hydrating mask to restore moisture to my skin. Is that the right way to approach things? Maybe not. I’m no expert so forgive me if I’m wrong but I have found through years of trial and error that a hydrating mask after a drying clay mask tends to result in happy, healthy skin. Tonight I reached for a new find, the Avène Soothing Moisture Mask. I bought this on my beauty shopping spree in New York last month. I’ve been enjoying using this when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration either in the morning or at night. It’s a quick 10-minute wash-off creamy mask so it can be used whenever you have some extra minutes to spare. Unlike the Glossier Moon Mask, this doesn’t have that rich yogurt texture. It’s also not a gel. It’s actually a cream. It’s lightly fragranced with that classic Avène scent. When I rinse this off my skin is nourished, soothed and plump. I also love how compact the squeezy tube is! I could take this on trips if needed. No complaints here!

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I haven’t introduced many new products in my prep phase. Sticking to some time-tested faves. I can be so predictable! Right now my go-to toner and essence duo is the Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Toner and the Missha Time Revolution Essence Intensive. You already know how obsessed I am with the Fresh Beauty toner since I can’t seem to shut up about it so I’ll keep my adoration rant brief. Soothing, nourishing, heavenly! It’s so comforting! The powdery rose scent is divine. I think Fresh Beauty needs to release a perfume of it! Although, of course, if you’re sensitive to fragrance you might want to avoid this toner. I will say that once applied the scent goes away. The floating rose petals in this toner are the icing on the cake! Gorgeous to admire on your shelf and irresistible to snap photos of. The Missha Essence, on the other hand, doesn’t get the same amount of love. I just don’t understand the hype? I’ve used this religiously for three months now with no discernible improvement in my skin’s health. I even stopped using this for a week to see if my skin would break out without it but nope. Still the same! Fifty dollars wasted on glorified water! I’m tenacious in my quest to finish this expensive essence so I’m continuing using it day and night. I would not spend your hard-earned cash on this worthless essence, folks!



Time to replenish my skin with the aid of serums, moisturizers and facial oils! This might be my favorite step. Guess what?! New products to talk about! It’s a miracle.

First off, a hydrating, luxurious serum that I’m thoroughly enjoying at the moment. The Kypris Antioxidant Dew came into my life a month ago and I haven’t stopped using it since. The packaging! Ugh, it’s so gorgeous! I can’t help but stare at it lovingly whenever I open up my medicine cabinet. I’ll shamelessly admit that I impulsively bought this ungodly expensive $72 serum just for that to-die-for blue and gold packaging. Can Kyrpis make posters for these?! The illustrations are perfection. This serum is milky and thick but my skin drinks it up instantly. It leaves my skin a bit tacky at first but once it’s absorbed my skin feels so soft and looks insanely glowy. I love using this when my skin needs an extra nourishing layer. It’s light enough to use day or night, a rarity for most hydrating serums. Many deeply hydrating products tend to be too heavy for the daytime. This isn’t!

I followed that up with my moisturizer of the moment: the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Like the Kypris serum, this moisturizer is versatile. It’s light enough to use in the mornings but rich enough to use at night. An all-around fab basic moisturizer I think anyone would love! Zero fragrance. Zero greasiness. Zero clogged pores. It’s a very creamy, almost milky gel-cream that glides onto skin.

Since the Kiehl’s moisturizer sometimes isn’t as deeply nourishing as I’d like on my drier skin days, I like to add a facial oil on top. I’m testing the Acure Organics Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Oil, a supposed dupe for the expensive Herbivore Lapis Oil. I can’t compare the two since I haven’t yet tried Herbivore’s option but so far my skin is enjoying the Acure oil. The one thing I don’t like is how perfumed it is! However, the scent fades once applied and doesn’t seem to irritate my skin. I’ll keep you updated if my skin does break out but so far, so good. This oil is lightweight and on the drier side, a departure from my nourishing extra thick, rich oils like my Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil. I think I prefer drier oils to prevent clogged pores. I’m a fan of this! I have no dramatic before and after tales but I will say that my skin appears extra radiant in the morning after I use this oil at night.

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I finally tested a lip scrub! Not sure why it took me ages to try one out? I always thought they were a bit of an unnecessary purchase. I still stand by that. Typically what I do to remove dry, peeling skin is take a wet washcloth and rub that gently around my lips. The peeling skin is removed instantly! And I didn’t have to buy or make a lip scrub. Easy peasy! This Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub is a good option too but is it really worth spending an extra $9 on a lip scrub when a damp washcloth can do the trick?! Not in my opinion. Though I do think this gritty sweet honey-scented scrub does a perfect job! I guess I’m just not sold on lip scrubs just yet. I always follow up with a lip balm to keep dry, chapped lips at bay. The Lanolips 101 Ointment is a favorite – I’ve almost polished off the entire tube in just a month – but tonight I’m opting for the Glossier Balm Dotcom. A decent, yet overhyped, velvety semi-matte lip balm that does its job well. The picture-perfect packaging is a plus!

What does your evening skincare routine look like? Do you opt for a simplistic or indulgent routine? Let me know in the comments below!



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