The Bliss Review


I know I’m a month late on this blog post but I guess that’s how I am! Forever behind schedule… As promised, my in-depth review of all the Bliss products I tested out this month! I must say I’m fairly impressed, however, like with any skincare brand, there were some products that left a lot to be desired. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Might as well start out chatting a bit about the brand. As I mentioned in my Makeup Melt review a couple weeks ago, Bliss revamped and relaunched their skincare line earlier this year. Their new lineup has a much more affordable price point. Most products are under USD $25. I’m personally a huge fan of the price drop since it means that their products are accessible for everyone. Their redesign seems to be geared towards a younger audience. The new brightly colored packaging looks fun, fresh and youthful. Insta-worthy packaging is the best! Another perk is that every product is cruelty-free, something I see more and more brands embrace these days. I think this would be the perfect brand for those interested in dipping their toes into skincare for the first time. The range has a bit of everything – face masks, body wash, eye cream. Affordable, cute packaging, and cruelty-free! What’s not to love? You can find Bliss at your local Target, Ulta or shop their website. FYI: Right now the Bliss website has a buy two get one free deal!

I picked up five products initially but returned one of them shortly after. If you’ve read my Makeup Melt review you know that, unfortunately, I did not get on with that cleanser and decided to return it. Today’s reviews will only focus on the face masks and moisturizer. Some worked, some didn’t! It’s like any beauty brand. Some products are amazing and some are duds. Thankfully, I’m here to help you sort through what’s worth it and what’s not so you don’t have to waste money and time!

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion Moisturizer


This was the most disappointing product that I bought. I’m even considering trying to return this because there’s no point in keeping something I don’t like. I found this misleading and confusing. The box and packaging lead me to believe that this was just a simple rich, nourishing moisturizer. Instead, I got a completely different product!

This rich, velvety cream that has a light pink pearlescent sheen that makes this look holographic in the light. This holographic sheen gives skin some serious glow which I wouldn’t mind, however, nowhere on the packaging did it state that there was this added illuminating sheen. The box and label just state that the Ex-Glow-Sion is a rich moisturizer with vitamin C that helps nourish and brighten skin. I bought this to use as a night cream since it says it’s a deeply hydrating. Turns out that because of the added illuminating sheen this moisturizer is actually a day cream, which is such a shame.

I find that the lavender scent and velvety texture of this are exactly like the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. One issue I have with these new Bliss products is that they’re clearly copies or attempted dupes for popular skincare items. As you’ll see below, many of these face masks are replicas of cult favorite skincare of the moment. The In The Honey is the same idea as the pricier Farmacy Honey Potion. The Makeup Melt is a copy of the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. To me, that tactic feels a bit… cheap? I don’t know how I feel about that.

I don’t find this at all moisturizing. In fact, like the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, this sits on top of my skin without providing any hydration. It dries down to a velvety matte, which does make it an OK priming moisturizer. However, since it sits on top of skin I find this pore-clogging. It’s sort of how a silicone primer feels. The major amount of glow you get from this moisturizer is just from the holographic sheen. In a way, it’s a fake glow. This product reminds me of a cross between a liquid highlighter and a moisturizer. If you’re into that, go ahead and buy this. As I mentioned, I didn’t expect or want that in a rich moisturizer. This product is a miss for me. I really hate to be negative but that’s to be expected when you test out new skincare.

UPDATE: Ok, I just checked their website and it looks like they’ve updated their description of this product to reflect what this really is – an illuminating moisturizer. In the website description, Bliss clearly states that this has an added “subtle iridescent sheen.” However, as I said, nowhere on the label does it say that! Hopefully, they’ll update the packaging.

Bliss What A Melon Mask


A little disclaimer: I’ve only used this overnight mask twice so I still don’t have a definitive, final opinion on it just yet. I’d rather not over-exfoliate so I don’t often use masks like this. I didn’t expect much from this mask and at first, I liked it but after using it again I’ve changed my mind. I have a lot of little issues with the What A Melon mask but the big problem I have with it is that I don’t think it’s effective. Again, I’ll test this out a few more times to make sure but I’m not a big fan of it right now!

The only overnight masks I’ve used in the past have been moisturizing masks that you slap on at the end of your skincare routine and forget about. This gentle reviving and destressing mask works a bit differently. The consistency is like a creamy gel. The mask itself is light pink and has a pearly sheen which when dry makes your skin super glowy. Massage this onto clean, prepped skin for a minute then let it dry down (this takes about a minute or so). Voilà! All done! It feels a bit tingly at when drying down but nothing too irritating. I don’t apply a serum before this, nor do I apply a moisturizer. This mask is supposed to gently exfoliate by removing dead skin, provide light hydration and balance stressed out skin. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this did much for my skin.

What I dislike most about this is the watermelon Jolly Rancher scent. It’s too sickly sweet for me. I always gag when I open up the jar. However, I will say that once this dries down the strong scent disappears. Once dry, the mask feels a tad tacky and tight. Another annoyance is that this peels and rubs off when touched. I find that after waking up, most of the mask peeled off in the middle of the night from making contact with my pillow. It also feels itchy on my face? The results are nonexistent if I’m honest. My skin feels softer but because this doesn’t provide much hydration my skin is also tight and dry. I have to follow up with a rich moisturizer or at least a hydrating mask. Not ideal!

Bliss In The Honey Mask


Onto the positive reviews!

The In The Honey moisturizing mask might be my most used and most loved mask of the bunch! Though I bought this only a month ago, I’ve nearly polished off the jar. I use this almost every single day, particularly after showers. I don’t know what it is about showers but my skin always feels tight, irritated and dry after. To combat that, after each shower I immediately slap on a hydrating mask to soothe and nourish my skin. This mask does the trick! It looks like golden, syrupy honey yet smells like fresh lavender. It’s a thick gel that you leave on for 10 or so minutes. It’s a tad tacky but not to the point where it annoys me. This leaves my skin nourished, soft, soothed and refreshed. I don’t have much else to say about it since I don’t have any complaints!

Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Mask


The mask everyone can’t seem to stop talking about! I think the Mighty Marshmallow face mask is even one of Bliss’ top selling products. Designed to brighten skin, this baby pink wash-off face mask smells like lemon drops and has the same texture as shaving cream. It’s so much fun to use for relaxing “treat yo self” weekend evenings! At first, I didn’t understand this mask. To be honest, most brightening products confuse me. I can never figure out if they actually brighten my skin. However, after using this a few times I started to understand why so many love this mask. It feels refreshing and cooling as soon as it touches your skin. The results are subtle but there. My skin is smoother, softer and looks more awake. Unlike the What A Melon mask, the Mighty Marshmallow does provide enough nourishment to my dehydrated skin. A great one if you’re suffering from lackluster, dull skin that needs a boost of vitamin C to brighten things up a bit! I wouldn’t say that this has helped with discoloration but maybe I’ll notice an improvement in my acne scars if I use this over a longer period of time?

I would say that the stars of the new Bliss collection are the face masks. Although the What A Melon mask isn’t that effective, I think the In The Honey and Might Marshmallow masks are worth picking up! I’m enjoying using them on a semi-daily basis to refresh tired skin. The In The Honey hydrating mask is a new favorite of mine that I haven’t stopped reaching for since I picked it up. I love that these masks look appealing to the eye (and, if you’re a blogger like me, look great in pictures!) yet are affordable. I’m also a huge fan of the brand’s cruelty-free stance. Have any of you tried out anything from the new Bliss skincare range? Thoughts? Comment below!


  1. April

    Ooh, I’ve been wanting to try their new stuff. Thanks for the in dept review! I’m actually into the awful fake Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor, so that’s not a deterrent haha.

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