April Favorites

April Favorites

Can you believe it?! In a blink of an eye, April came and went. Summer is only a few weeks away! Am I the only one who thinks that this year has flown by at an alarming pace? At least I’m glad the weather in Boston is finally cooperating. Spring is here at last! The flowers are gorgeous right now. Cherry blossoms are blooming, too.

I skipped last month’s favorites on here but I’m forcing myself to type out my April favorites. Writing blog posts isn’t easy for me. I much prefer setting up a photo shoot! April, I decided, would be a no-buy month for me. I already have enough skincare and makeup to keep me interested for a long time. I also wanted to focus on finishing as many products as possible. Unfortunately, that means that I don’t have any new products to share with you all this month! That being said, I think there are a few things on this list I haven’t mentioned or reviewed on the blog yet even though they’ve been in my collection for several months now. Alright, enough chit-chat! Let’s jump into it!

Red Earth Brighten Serum and Oil


How do you feel about brightening skincare products? I, for one, am still on the fence. I’ve tried a few in the past, mostly brightening eye creams and the occasional brightening serum, but I never saw major results. However, I do know that this vitamin C infused brightening serum and oil duo from Red Earth is giving me the best skin I’ve had in months! Extra glowy, soft, clear and calm. This month I couldn’t stop reaching for these!

These Brighten Concentrate Oil (*) and Rejuvenating Serum (*) samples were part of a package of Red Earth beauty products the company kindly gifted me a couple months ago to review. I used them for a bit shortly after receiving them in the mail, drawn to the adorable packaging, but quickly got distracted by other products. (I know, I’m a terrible beauty blogger!) The fact that I didn’t think brightening skincare products did anything didn’t help either. In early April, I decided to pull these two out from my sample stash determined to finish them. After a few days of consistent use, I started noticing how amazing my skin looked and felt. As I said before, my skin was glowing! Now, I reach for these two as much as possible. I use both every night right after cleansing and toning. The Brighten serum goes on first, then, after letting that sink in for a couple minutes, I follow up with the oil. The milky serum sinks into my skin instantly and leaves it feeling refreshed. No tackiness at all! It smells divine! Sort of like those Abercrombie perfumes but in a good way. The oil smells like delicious fresh citrus. I find that I don’t need to use a moisturizer in conjunction with this facial oil. My skin is always well nourished the morning after! I find these two very refreshing and both seem to calm my skin. Unsure whether using these does much to clear my acne scars but maybe if I use it for a longer period of time I’ll notice improvements.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil


I never understood why anyone would spend a lot on cleansing oil. How different could each be? For years stuck to Burt’s Bees, a perfectly fine affordable drugstore cleansing oil that I could pick up while I shopped for groceries. It was easy to find just about anywhere. (I’m a weirdo who still prefers to shop in stores instead of online.) It did its job well enough so I never felt the need to explore other options. When I started this blog, however, I needed to get out of my comfort zone so when I went a bit crazy on my beauty shopping spree in New York in March I focused on picking up a few cleansing oils. One of the ones I bought was a mini DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. I’d heard nothing but great things about this Japanese cleansing oil. Now, after using this alongside other cleansing oils, I realize that not all cleansing oils are the same as I’d once thought. I find that of all the ones I’ve tried the DHC works the best! It’s a rich oil that melts away all of my makeup. After my first cleanse with an oil or balm, I always follow up with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water to get rid of lingering makeup. I’ve found that after using the DHC Cleansing Oil the cotton pad comes back practically clean! The amber-colored oil has a mild scent, which I quite enjoy. This doesn’t irritate my eyes, either, unlike the Burt’s Bees. I fully intend on purchasing the full-size bottle next. Turns out spending a bit more on cleansing oils is worth it!

Sonia Kashuk Brushes


Why spend loads of money on makeup brushes when Sonia Kashuk exists?! As much as I want to invest in pricer makeup tools, I find myself going back to the cheap ones from the drugstore. Honestly, they’re just as good. I don’t ever feel like I absolutely need to invest in the higher end versions. I chose the Blush Brush and Tapered Blending Brush from Sonia Kashuk’s line for this month’s favorites, but I think there are other great brands at the drugstore. Real Techniques, e.l.f. and ECO Tools are some of my personal favorites. These two from Sonia Kashuk are the ones I keep reaching for the most out of my small makeup brush collection. Both are incredibly soft and fluffy. They also look chic and expensive. Out of the two, I adore the Tapered Blending Brush the most. The tapered tip makes applying and blending out eyeshadow along my upper and lower lash line easy!

Bliss In The Honey Mask


The face mask I couldn’t shut up about this month! I think I may have enabled a few beauty bloggers to purchase this hydrating mask too… I keep raving about it on Instagram! Out of all the Bliss products I have, the In The Honey moisturizing mask is my favorite. So much so that I used it nearly every day. Just two days ago I finished the jar! Using up a skincare product in just under a month is a feat I have never accomplished in all my beauty loving years. I won’t bore you too much chatting about this since I just wrote an in-depth review of it on my Bliss brand focus last week. It’s a golden honey, syrupy gel mask that smells like fresh lavender. This leaves my skin extra nourished and incredibly soft! I tend to reach for this whenever my skin is feeling dehydrated. Just let the mask sink in for 10-15 minutes and wash it off! Did I mention that it’s from the drugstore? At only $16, this Insta-worthy face mask is a bargain! You can find Bliss at your local Target or Ulta.

Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner


Just when I thought Kristin Ess wasn’t right for me this glorious leave-in conditioner came into my life and rocked my world. My hair is bizarre. It seems to hate most styling products. Even the famous It’s A 10 Leave-In Product didn’t work with my thick, curly hair! I find that most styling products weigh down my hair leaving it heavy and greasy. Not this one! This Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner spray keeps my hair light and airy. I apply about a dozen spritzes of this on wet hair right after I get out of the shower. I find that the more I apply the better! Ok, maybe not too much! But even Kristin Ess herself recommends about 5-10 sprays. This detangles my curls in an instant! I don’t have major issues with knotted hair but this made brushing my hair a painless endeavor. Afterward, I let my hair air dry like I always do. Typically, I tie up my hair in a low bun for an hour or so just to defrizz and smooth it out but with this leave-in conditioner, I can let my hair air dry on its own. As it dries, my hair becomes silky, light and touchably soft! Whenever I use this leave-in conditioner, which at this point is every time I shower, I only have good hair days. Somehow my hair always ends up the way I like it – smooth yet wavy. Did I mention how nice it smells? Like fresh flowers! Considering how crazy affordable this is (only $10!), I’m blown away by how well it performs. And, I mean, just look at that gorgeous sleek white minimalist packaging! It looks beautiful displayed in my bathroom!

And so concludes my April favorites! A tad late on posting this but somehow I managed to type this up. I really need to get better at writing blog posts in a timely manner this month… What were the beauty products you reached for the most last month? Let me know in the comments!

* This product was gifted to me by the company to review. Just so you know, I’m always honest with my reviews! The fact that this product was gifted does not alter my opinion of it. I will always let you know if a gifted product didn’t work out! 


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